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planespotting in Hellas

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Plane spotting is a unique hobby. For some people it is completely unknown while for others it sounds completely absurd. But for us it is an expression of our love for aviation.

Using always only lawful means, we love to visit airports and study the action in daily or even yearly basis. The Hellenic Air Force has been honoring us with invitations to various exclusive events and ceremonies giving us the ability to live first hand any moment of historic significance in aviation.

Civilian airports are the main venues for plane spotting. A hobby recognized and accepted around the world. And we are delighted to be Hella’s only officially approved club for this hobby. In no few an instance had we co-operated with official institutions in aviation with remarkable results throughout our existence. Pictures, posters, CDs and calendars adorn airports, institutions, airlines and even the Air Force.

For our members, pursuing this hobby shows the appreciation for the aviation ideals and so we try to bring this to a wider range of people. People who may like our hobby as an activity or for its results.

Please consider this to be an open invitation to enjoy with us all that magic exactly when and where it is created. And you never know, you may find you hold a great passion for it deep within. The very same passion that unites our moments.


© Gerasimos Spanakis

© Gerasimos Spanakis

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