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“Air-born” members express themselves through any and all aviation promoting activities worldwide. And even more so in our homeland, Greece.

We document the course of aviation using all lawful means available aiming for the best result possible.

We visit the very source of aviation action. Airports, airlines, airclubs, museums, societies and clubs and we set the foundations for co-operation. We enjoy taking pictures, capturing aviation throughout its course and then communicate and share our findings with the whole wide world without pursuing profit in any form.

We bring people forward to the aviation world while pioneering in keeping Greek aviation heritage alive and helping any third parties aiming towards the same goal whether at home or abroad.

We do not neglect organizing group events meant to make people ‘sense’ aviation. Be it a special flight, an aviation acquaintance meeting, a plane spotting tour, an exchange of experiences with a foreign club or society, a photography exhibition, promoting aviation related scientific matters, responsibly advising institutions responsible for education and spreading the aviation ideals, publishing special aviation literature aiming for expression and communication, visiting a museum or wrecked aeroplane or biding farewell to a legend of the skies.

We invite you to get acquainted with aviation and to take part in any of the above activities any way you like. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than giving the chance to any friend (or friend-to-be) to experience first hand the magic of aviation.

We are waiting for you.


All © Apostolos Hatzidimou


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